Good community spaces offer a sense of belonging, joy, and well-being. -Raju Vegesna

The Raju Vegesna Foundation supports various social initiatives to improve housing, community spaces, health, and living conditions for the most vulnerable.

At Tirupati, one of the holiest Hindu pilgrimage sites, the Foundation’s TTD Annadanam complex serves free food to over 120,000 pilgrims every day. The Vegesna Foundation is also building a spacious Pravachana Mandapam and Brahmotsava Mandapam, spaces for religious recitals and discourse, in Tirupati.
The Raju Vegesna Foundation has contributed to building Marriage Halls, Community Halls, and Crematoriums to benefit deprived communities. The Foundation works with the rural poor to build houses and enhance living conditions.

The Raju Vegesna Foundation recognizes the role of women and the elderly and their important role in creating a better society. As more women move into non-traditional professional jobs, RVF helps women enroll in job-oriented courses that help them upgrade their skills and confidence.

Lack of social security and a breakdown of the traditional joint family system bring up various new challenges for the elderly, including lack of access to health care and increasing physical or mental dependency. The elderly in old age homes are given financial support.

The Foundation promotes various sports tournaments for senior citizens. For the third year running, the All India Seniors Tennis Tournament in New Delhi was supported by the Foundation as the exclusive sponsor.

In 2011, RVF founder Mr. Raju Vegesna famously won a bid for the ball that captain MS Dhoni sent sailing over the fence to seal India’s famous triumph at the ICC World Cup final.

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