The Foundation believes education is the cornerstone of an evolving society and a key factor in securing employment. The Foundation’s initiatives are aimed at ensuring:


  • Aid to students from weaker sections of the society with scholarships, grants for books, medals and incentives for the best students across all communities
  • Assisting all educational institutions such as schools, colleges, libraries, reading rooms, universities, laboratories, research and other related institutions

“Instead of cursing the darkness, I believe in lighting a small lamp to drive away the darkness from the lives of the people.” – Raju Vegesna

According to the Indian Constitution, free and compulsory education is a fundamental right for children between the ages of 6 and 14. The challenge, however, has been to ensure that children stay in school and complete their education. Of an initial enrolment of 100 students, only 70 finish school in India. The reasons for drop-outs are many: Poverty, social constraints, lack of transport, and the distance from home to school.

The Foundation reaches out to schools, colleges and students to help overcome some of these obstacles. We believe that education is the cornerstone of an evolving society and a key factor in securing employment.

The Raju Vegesna Foundation has help build schools, enabling thousands of children to have a better life.

The Foundation’s initiatives help students from poor and backward communities with scholarships and grants for books. High-performing students across communities are given medals and incentives.

RVF provides aid to educational institutions such as schools, colleges and universities. It has helped improve facilities in libraries, reading rooms, laboratories, and research-related departments. Bhimavaram’s DNR College set up the Sri Vegesna Ramaraju Science Block with the Foundation’s support

The RVF also takes eye camps and health camps to numerous schools in rural areas and small towns. Spectacles are given free of cost to poor students.

Teacher Excellence Program at San Jose school

Mr Raju Vegesna’s philanthropic work in the field on education has made a mark globally, too. The Raju and Bala Vegesna Foundation’s Teacher Excellence Program at The Harker School, San Jose, awards grants to teachers to further their teaching skills.

The program, launched in 2015, has sent many educators to seminars, study-abroad programs and enabled them to make use of educational opportunities. Grants are awarded to individuals and to groups and are used for entry fees and travel expenses.

An article on The Harker School website quotes Jennifer Gargano, assistant head of school for academic affairs, as saying: “The Raju and Bala Vegesna Foundation Teacher Excellence Program allows our faculty to ‘dream big’ and take their ideas about how the academic experience for the students can be further enhanced, and make those ideas a reality.”


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