Empowerment - Elderly

Recognizing the role of women and the elderly and their important role in creating a better society, the Foundation endeavors to empower them through its initiatives:

  • Offering job oriented courses for skilled & semi-skilled
  • Access to health and hygiene facilities for women
  • Aiding the elderly in old age homes

The Foundation encourages community involvement and projects are initiated with collaboration from the Gram Panchayat and participation from local trained youth

“Our goal is to enable Senior Citizens to live active, dignified, and healthier lives.”- Raju Vegesna

Policymakers in India are bracing for a sharp increase in India’s greying population. It is estimated that there will be 239.4 million Indians over the age of 60 in 2041 against 104.2 million in 2011.

Lack of social security and a breakdown of the traditional joint family system bring up various new challenges for the elderly, including lack of access to health care and increasing physical or mental dependency.

The Raju Vegesna Foundation recognizes the role of the elderly in creating a better society. The Foundation works on various community projects in collaboration with Gram Panchayats and participation from local trained youth.

The elderly in old age homes are given financial support. The Foundation promotes various sports tournaments for senior citizens.

For the third year running, the All India Seniors Tennis Tournament in New Delhi was supported by the Foundation as the exclusive sponsor.


A Home for the Aged

Nutritious Meals for Seniors

Access-friendly Rooms

Enabling Seniors to Live Active Lives

Community Activities

Time for a Celebration

Laughter Club